We’ve been in Maryland now for almost 7 months now. To say it is beautiful here is a gross understatement.

Southern California was all I had ever known. I grew up in a small desert town. Other than AMAZING sunsets, it didn’t have much to offer when it came to scenery. But we didn’t have to travel far to get to what we were looking for. Mountains, beaches, and DISNEY were all about an hour or so away…

DSC_0076 WM




I had NO idea what we were missing out on. I love just driving around, and exploring. All of the history, water, wooden bridges, grass & corn fields, and So. Much. Green!

The humidity definitely leaves much to be desired, but what Maryland lacks in dry climate, it unequivocally makes up for in scenic beauty. 

My passion is photographing people. Children, families etc. But here, I just can’t help it sometimes, the view is just too much.


DSC_3091 WM




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